What I expect from you

If you decide to commit to a therapeutic programme with me this will normally be fixed in length, although longer-term work is also an option.  Meetings will take place once a week and will last for 50 minutes. I ask that you:

  • Make a commitment to attend regularly. The evidence base for a range of different therapeutic approaches notes that therapy is more effective with regular attendance.
  • Arrive on time for appointments. If you are late this therapy time will be lost. The session cannot overrun as this will affect my next client or other commitments I may have.
  • Respect the boundary of the end of each session. This includes bringing issues you wish to discuss into the meeting early enough for us to work on them together. If left too late this material will have to be carried forward into our next meeting.
  • Are free of drugs and alcohol during your appointment.
  • Take your treatment seriously and carry out work requested between meetings to the best of your ability.
  • To agree to and abide by my terms and conditions of payment and my cancellation policy (under “Charges” in the menu bar).